Vikram Lander Lost Contact With ISRO When It Was 335 Metres Away Not 2.1 Km

The heartbreaking news shattered millions of hearts when ISRO lost contact with Vikram Lander when it was at a distance of merely 2.1 km. The lander was supposed to make a soft landing on 7th September on the south pole of the moon which was unexplored by any other country.

Vikram Lander
Via: First Post

But according to the trajectory reports from Financial Express, ISRO lost contact with Vikram Lander when it was 335 meters, 0.335km away from its landing site.

The green line shows the trajectory of Vikram lander.

Vikram Lander
Via: The Indian Express

The data shared by the control room shows the deviation in the trajectory when it was just 2 km away.

If the landing would have gone as per plan then the lander could have landed at the decided landing site.

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