Venezuelan crisis: Guaido considers accepting US military support


Venezuelan self-proclaimed interim President Juan Guaido has not ruled out obtaining military support from the United States amid the ongoing political crisis, setting forth that the Venezuelan citizens want an end President Nicolas Maduro’s dictatorship with “whatever pressure is necessary.”

As per CNN, Guaido ordered that he wishes it doesn’t come to that.

“Here in Venezuela, we are doing everything we can to put pressure, so that we don’t have to come to a scenario that no one would wish to have,” CNN quoted Guadio as saying.
He further said, “We are trying to restore the sovereignty of this country, to restore the liberty and democracy of Venezuela.”

Amid the constitutional crisis, Venezuelan authorities had delayed three journalists and a driver of the Spanish news agency EFE, dealing with the ongoing country’s political crisis and US-backed efforts to oust President Nicolas Maduro. The arrests come after two Chilean reporters were detained earlier this week.

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President Nicolas Maduro is dealing with the hardest challenge to his authority after being complained of election fraud and inspecting a deep economic collapse.

Rebel leader Juan Guaido who announced himself as the interim president last week and announced for fresh elections has won the backing of many countries after Australia declared its support on Monday.