Arjun Kapoor’s Tweet After Watching Varun Dhawan’s October trailer is priceless

Varun Dhawan’s October


Arjun Kapoor’s Tweet After Watching Varun Dhawan’s October trailer is priceless . The trailer of the upcoming film ‘October’, has been released by Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan . There are also people coming along with their reaction after watching October trailer. Most popular B-Town Actor Arjun Kapoor has also given his priceless tweet for Varun Dhawan.

After watching the trailer, Arjun tweeted, “Varun you grew up my brother” I can not wait till April 13 to watch the film. Arjun further wrote that the director of the film Shukit Sarkar always gives me a hope that there is some good left in some parts of the world right now.

Check out the tweet here

Generally, it is rarely seen in the industry that we are humble actors who praise each other. Between them, thinking this this tweet us Varun Dhawan himself released the ‘October’ trailer. In the film, Varun plays the character of a quiet boy who is a hotel management student and works as a trainee in a five star hotel. Where she gets the job of cleaning and sweeping. Actress Binita reads with Sandhu Varun.

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There is something different about this generation, they appreciate each other’s work, they hangout each other and they are there for each other. its really heartwarming to see such a love and bonding between these young stars who are seen as big competitors at the box office.

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