And finally we are  in the love month of 2018. Yes the month of February is a very important and best month for the lovers as the valentine’s day come in this Month which gives people chance to propose the one they love the most and celebrate the month in a most romantic day by making each day special.

Not only Valentine day is special the whole month for the lovers is a time to celebrate each day with love and passion. If still you didn’t get to see the 2018 valentines day list then you are at the right place buddy.

We will give provide complete details of february special days for lovers.  Literally february month is a very special month because it is called as Month of love. This is the time when lovers show their love for their partners and express the feelings through gifts that how much they love each other.

By  the way we know that the valentine week is just for 7 days which started from 7th feb and end on 14th feb. but this is not enough for crazy lovers so they have decided to get it as longer as it can. Do this extended week called extended valentine week. Which started on 7th feb but end on 21th feb.

So Boys and girls let’s check out the 2018 valentines day week list:

7 February: Rose Day


On rose day  everyone knows that the red rose is the symbol of love and passion. It is perfect to give it to your love on the starting of the week. You can buy a bouquet of roses for your partner to make your darling feel over the sky. You can also gift just one red bent on your knees and give her/him.

8 February: Propose Day


Yes, for crazy lovers and for the single peoples this is the best way to get mingle. You can propose to your sweetheart. Confess in a unique way that no one can else imagine to do. You can go for the candle light dinner or for a coffee and can say what you have in your heart.

9 February: Chocolate Day


It is true that people can not say no to chocolate even if you don’t have dare to propose a girl but you can still express your feelings for her by giving her chocolates on chocolate day. Chocolate add more love in your life and especially during valentine week it work as a water to a tree.

10 February: Teddy Day


Teddy bear is a perfect gift given by a partner to his darling. It stands for pampering, affection, and love. Specially if you are a boy than to girls there is nothing better than gifting a ute teddy bear during valentine week.

11 February: Promise Day


‘What are words if you really don’t mean them when you say them?’, goes Chris Medina’s song. Make sure to make promises to your partner only if you can keep it too. Otherwise making fake promises will hurt more than not making it for a time.

12 February: Hug Day


Hug day is the more and more special day than any other day. Because through a single hug you can express your feelings more than powerful words. A hgu can convey various emotions. On this day you can plan a picnic with your darling and can also ask your friends to join you for more fun. Look for opportunities to give a warm hug and see their eye smile

13 February: Kiss Day


This is another most romantic day which not need to be expensive or fancy. Its requirement is nothing than a love. You cans teal random kisses on a warm and cosy evening together at home also. A kiss on the forehead can work as a magic to your partner.

14 February: VALENTINE’S DAY


Go on a romantic date with your love of life and try to make the day as special as you can for your partner. So that they also think to make it special for you too. Just get indulge in love on this day forget all grudges forgive their mistakes and get together once again.

Extended Valentine week list:


15 February: Slap Day
16 February: Kick Day
17 February: Perfume Day
18 February: Flirting Day
19 February: Confession Day
20 February: Missing Day
21 February: Break Up Day

And those who have yet not proposed to the one they love, you should try to tell by sending teddy bears, roses, and chocolates. So many successful relationships has been made in this season so let’s check out who will be your valentine and the one who already had show your love for them like a crazy lover.

But if by chance you think the girl/boy you love not love you but see you as her/him good friend, do not get upset you may find better than him/her. Let’s be friends forever because friendship has different level and love too.