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Vaccine Shortage Forcing Maharashtra To Shut Vaccination Centres

Amid the arrival of the second wave of covid-19, Maharashtra people are going to suffer hard. Rajesh Tope, Health Minister of Maharashtra, said that vaccination centers in few districts are about to be closed due to vaccine shortage.

These districts are Sangli, Satara, and Panvel. Covid vaccination has already put on a halt in some districts of the state as only two days of stock is left.

Vaccine Discrimination In Maharashtra

vaccine shortage in maharahstra

Accusing the Centre of not giving enough doses and highlighting the state’s conditions Tope said that other states like Gujarat, MP, Haryana, and UP are receiving more vaccines than us. He further said the state needs around 40 lakhs vaccine for a week whereas the Centre has already up the supply by 17 lakhs for Maharashtra.

A day ago, the state had 1.4 million doses which would end within 2 days. Therefore, many vaccination centers are forced to put the “Vaccination Out of Stock” board outside the center. Around 6 lakhs people are receiving vaccines each day and to made it available for everyone, 1.6 crore dosages are required every month.

Rajesh Tope has taken the whole issue to Union Health Minister and raised questions on vaccine discrimination by the Centre. Maharashtra has around 30,000 new cases within 24 hours and the total number of active cases can rise to 11 lakh by the end of the month as per the Centre.

Even the death rate due to covid-19 is higher in the states so the amount of vaccine dosages given by the Centre is not enough as per the Health Minister of Maharashtra. Calling it discrimination, Tope urged for more vaccine supply. Two vaccination centers have already been shut temporarily due to shortage; more are in queue if enough supply is not there.

Navi Mumbai, which has 41 centers for vaccine facilitation, has reduced the numbers by 4. This is causing panic among residents and lockdown in several areas is causing more problems. Migrant workers are heading towards their homes amid lockdown.

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