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Renown Journalist Barbara Walters Passed Away at the age of 93

The most iconic journalist Barbara Walters died at the age of 93 at her home in New York. The most Iconic Journalist in the US will always remember for her interviewing style.

She told The Associated Press in 2008 “I’m not afraid when I’m interviewing, I have no fear.”

She is remembered for her most notable work in 20/20, The View, and ABC Evening News.

Barbara Walters always stood different from her counterparts. She became NBC’s Today Show’s first female co-host in 1974.

She joined ABC Evening News in 1976 after that she never looked back.

She will remember for her straightforward and tough questions and through her talk, she made her guest share their secrets with her.

Barbara Walters Most Famous Interviews

Barbara Walters died at the age of 93

Barbara Walters interviewed every famous world leaders, politician and celebrities around the world.

Since the beginning of her career as a host, she interviewed every sitting US President and first lady from Richard Nixon to Barack Obama.

She interviewed Egypt President Anwar Al Sadat, Israel Prime Minister Menachem Begin, Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza  Pahlavi and his wife Farah Pahlavi, Russia’s Boris Yeltsin, and Vladimir Putin, China Jiang Zemin, UK Margaret Thatcher, Cuba’s Fidel Castro, India Indira Gandhi, Pop icon Michael Jackson, Hollywood fame actress Katharine Hepburn and many others.

In her most famous yet controversial Interview with Cuba’s Fidel Castro aired on ABC-TV. She fearlessly pointed to him “You allow no dissent. Your newspapers, radio, television, motion pictures are under state control.” 

Then Fidel Replied “Barbara, our concept of freedom of the press is not yours. If you asked us if a newspaper could appear here against socialism, I can say honestly no, it cannot appear. It would not be allowed by the party, the government, or the people. In that sense, we do not have the freedom of the press that you possess in the U.S. And we are very satisfied with that.”

Her other most notable interviews are with Monica Lewinsky which was seen by a record 74 million viewers. In that interview, Monica openly told Barbara about her scandalous affair detail with Then US President Bill Clinton.

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Awards and Accolades

Barbara Walters died at the age of 93

  • Television Hall of Fame in 1989
  • Star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2007
  • Lifetime Achievement Award from New York Women’s Agenda in 2009
  • Lifetime Achievement Award at 30th Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards in 2009

She also received multiple Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Talk Show Host for The View and Today’s Show.

World Famous People Paying Tribute to Barbara Walters

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