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UP School Principal Advises Students To Keep ₹100 In answer Sheets: Video Caught On Camera

Teachers have always been referred to as the ‘Guiding Lamp’ to us. We expect them to deliver the right piece of advice and never mislead us. 10th Boards are approaching and students are already feeling the pressure to perform well in exams.

An ideal teacher would ‘advise’ them not to panic and study well. Instead of directing them to the right path a principal from a private school of Uttar Pradesh advised to put a 100 rs note in their answer sheets.

How can you justify what an idol just said?

A video went viral on social media where the principal himself us teaching the students how to use unfair maena to cheat and pass. Instead of boosting their confidence to study he was taking them the wrong way to just to pass the exams.

The man was identified as Praveen Mall who is the principal cum manager of the private school in Mau district which is located 300 kms from Lucknow.

The UP government is very alert and keeping a close watch against such people who initiate students to cheat during exams.

Here is what the principal said in the video:

“I can challenge that none of my students ever fail, they have nothing to be scared of. Don’t leave any answers. Just put Rs. 100 note in the answer sheet, the teachers will blindly give you marks. Even if you answer a question wrongly, which is for four marks, they will give you three marks.”

To ensure that no such activity takes place at the examination centres, the UP government has installed 2 lakh CCTV cameras and 2 lakh invigilators at the 75 districts. Not just this The Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Board (UPSEB) has also marked 938 as ‘sensitive’ and 395 as “hyper-sensitive”, as they are prone to such practices.


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