United States Sues Google, Accuses Of Illegally Protecting Monopoly

Google has been a reliable source whenever we want to surf anything on the internet. But the US has sued Google in the biggest antitrust lawsuit in two decades. The lawsuit could lead o the break up of the iconic company.

Google acted unlawfully in maintaining its position in search and search advertising on the internet and 11 states joined it.

The lawsuit filed by the US states:

 “Absent a court order, Google will continue executing its anticompetitive strategy, crippling the competitive process, reducing consumer choice, and stifling innovation,”

The government said Google has nearly 90% of all general search engine queries in the United States and almost 95% of searches on mobile.

The attorney general said that Google does not justify the quality of search but has still maintained its position on search engines by buying its success.

“The end result is that no one can feasibly challenge Google’s dominance in search and search advertising,”

“Nothing is off the table, but a question of remedies is best addressed by the court after it’s had a chance to hear all the evidence.”

“Ultimately it is consumers and advertisers that suffer from less choice, less innovation and less competitive advertising prices,” the lawsuit states. “So we are asking the court to break Google’s grip on search distribution so the competition and innovation can take hold.”

The rival companies never get a chance to upscale their strategies and grow.

“General search services, search advertising, and general search text advertising require complex algorithms that are constantly learning which organic results and ads best respond to user queries,” the government said in its complaint. “By using distribution agreements to lock up scale for itself and deny it to others, Google unlawfully maintains its monopolies.”

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