A unique floating market is set to open in Dubai

floating market


The first floating market is going to open in Dubai, famous for the Burj Khalifa-like building. Beuland Company is working on this idea. According to the founder of the company, Shekha Mahe Hashar, the market will start by May this year. There are 17 yachts in the shop, restaurants.

These will be completely air conditioned. It will be a great experience for those who have been bored again and again in the mall. He told us that we have taken this initiative, inspired by the floating market of Bangkok. Shopping people at the mouth of the sea in the summer season will love.

Estimates of 9 million people coming …


Around 2 km Area Al Saif has been built to roam between Dubai (Dubai Creek). This is where the market is going to start. Local and international brands will be available here. The company expects that about 9 million people will come to this market for the first year and go shopping.

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