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Unicode To Add 37 New Emojis From 2022

Until the introduction of emojis, we thought only words can accurately express our emotions and feelings. But those cute smiley faces quickly became the easiest and funniest way to communicate. Now there will be additional 37 new emojis to let you say everything without even typing a single word.

The Unicode Consortium has made this official for 2022 and has already made an announcement earlier this year.  The update will have a total of 838 characters in different skin tone variations. A melting face, peeking eye, heart-shaped hands, and biting lips are few.

new emojis

Unicode 14.0 is going to cover a wide range of expressions for every kind of human with the new emojis. Pregnant Man emoji is the unique one on the list. Others on the list are exciting too

  • Face with open eyes and hands over mouth
  • Saluting emoji
  • Hands on mouth emoji
  • Tears of joy in the eyes
  • Shaking hands
  • Fingers pointing out at someone

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All 37 new emojis will be available for both smartphone and laptop users. Apart from this, Unicode is releasing 5 scripts including Toto as well which will take the count to 159. Arabic script additions will be there for users in Java, Bosnia, Indonesia, and other countries.


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