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These Before And After War Pictures From Ukraine Will Give You Goosebumps

Russia-Ukraine war has brought nothing more than destruction, deaths, and suffering to innocent people. Non-stop bombarding and airstrikes by Russian troops have completely destroyed several beautiful cities of Ukraine.

ukraine before and after

Today, Kyiv which was once the important centre for educational, scientific, and cultural buildings doesn’t look appealing. Ukraine’s 2nd largest city Kharkiv is no different. Other cities like Mariupol, Kherson, Sumy, and Odessa are also under Russian army’s radar.

Gradually they are destroying everything that is coming in their way, from residential buildings, hospitals, gorgeous parks, homes, grocery stores, etc. Present Ukraine’s image shows only the scars which will remain forever. These pictures are evidence of the damages.

Before And After Pictures Of Ukraine

Kyiv Turned Rubble From Green City

ukraine before and after war

Kyiv was once known as Green City because of numerous parks and botanical gardens in this area. It is also the capital city of Ukraine and is important from economic, tourists and research point of view.

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kyiv before and after war

Today, there’s nothing on this land except the broken bridges, roads, damaged buildings, and gardens.

Kharkiv’s City Building Before War

kharkiv before war
kharkiv after war

Second Largest city of Ukraine has seen worst phase in the history. Russian forces are destroying it through cruise missiles damaging administration buildings, city council buildings, universities, and homes.


ukraine before and after

Donetsk Before And After

ukraine before and after

These two cities of Ukraine are burning in the war and people are escaping to save their lives. They are torn badly by Russian military. Nothing except smoke, charred building and fire can be seen here.

before and after pics of ukraine


Photos of Irpin are very terrifying as people try to flee the city amidst heavy shelling by Russian forces.

russia ukraine war

Elderly women, young kids, and even women carrying newborn babies struggled to escape the place. Several even died during the evacuation process.

Mariupol Before War

mariupol before war

Mariupol is another big city of Ukraine that is on Russia’s target. It is continuously destroying civilian infrastructures and leaving the city with no water, food, and power. Residents cannot even flee due to the blockade created by Russian forces.

After War

mariupol after war

Russia-Ukraine war has killed more than 300 civilians including kids and more than 750 people are injured. It is the largest conventional military attack after World War 2 in Europe.

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