Uber’s next mission: Autonomous Bikes and Scooters


The next area to concentrate on by Uber is autonomous bikes and scooters. According to the latest reports, the taxi aggregator is supposedly looking to include autonomous technology into its scooter and bike-share programs in partnership with 3D Robotics.

The taxi aggregator is allegedly seeking to join autonomous technology into its scooter and bike-share programs with the help of 3D robotics.

According to the tweet posted by 3D Robotics CEO Chris Anderson, Uber’s ‘Micromobility Robotics’ will be a departure within the company’s Jump group, concentrated at autonomous bikes and scooters that can drive themselves to charge or other locations.

Already Uber has started hiring for its recent division. Additionally, there is a Google Form available online searching for the right talent for Micromobility Robotics.

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With the self-driving system that takes the spotlight in transportation, the examination of robotics technologies might result beneficial for a company like Uber as it will boost operational efficiency and enhnace the user experience.