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Types Of Relationships We Experience In Our 20s!

Not each one of us is lucky to find true love the very first time we fall for a guy. But, that doesn’t stop us from exploring the field right?

When we are in our 20s we are full of enthusiasm and curiosity we don’t want to settle for just anyone and prefer dating different people before we find our perfect match, and while doing so we also experience different kinds of relationships that teach us something valuable in life.

Here are the different types of relationships we all experience in our 20s!


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This type of relationship mostly revolves around you and your boyfriend texting each other all the time but you guys never actually make efforts to meet each other. You prefer texting and s*xting each other and stay in your comfort zone rather than hanging out all the time. It’s kind of like a long-distance relationship but here the distance is created by your laziness.

The Long-Distance Relationship

Long-Distance Relationship

You both fell in love in college but now career made you drift away to different cities or countries. You both are so in love and agree to a long-distance relationship which is getting frustrating day by day. Well, mostly these relationships survive on trust and they are great to test the strength of your relationship. But, sadly they are hard to maintain and people usually give up. *Goes down the memory lane*

No Strings Attached 

No Strings Attached
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You both find each other attractive and can’t keep your hands off each other but the problem is you both don’t want anything serious. So, you finally agree on this kind of relationship and initially, it is too much fun. The problem arises when one of you starts catching feelings and the other one has commitment issues. Now, you have the option to hide your emotions, wait for them to realize they are in love with you or find someone who wants a real relationship.

The Toxic One

The Toxic One
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It started just like any other Relationship but slowly you saw yourself turn into a crying human who constantly felt put down. You felt used and manipulated by your partner and finally realized you needed to get the hell out! It was hard and you suffered a lot but now you are stronger and know where to draw the line.

The “Way Too Fast” One

The "Way Too Fast" One
Via: Times of India

You two click the second your eyes meet, you find him/her to be perfect. The next thing you know you are on your third date already making plans. But, after some time you realize you don’t even know each other that well and things start falling apart just as fast. So, you fell hard and crashed harder but learned the value of patience!

The Open Relationship

The Open Relationship
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You like this person and that person likes you back, but you guys still feel the need to see other people. That’s an open relationship for you in a nutshell. Open relationships are great but they soon expire when one person wants an exclusive relationship with the other. After all, it’s all fun and games until someone falls deeply in love.

The important thing to keep in mind during the dating process is to never lose hope!

Dating can be tough but you’ll eventually find your perfect match, who would love you unconditionally.

Happy Hunting!

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