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Types Of Guys Every Girl Dates In Her 20s

Dating can be tough, especially in the time of tinder where everyone’s bio is filled either with “only hookups” or “cheesy pickup lines.”

But no matter how much of a task it seems, we are eager to explore this dating field and find our perfect match, doesn’t matter if you kiss too many frogs to find your prince charming, right?

Here is a list of the types of guys you date in your 20s before finding the one.

The Project

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This guy is probably screwed up, he doesn’t care about anything and is just too cool for this world. You initially think you can change him into a man and teach him responsibilities until you realize you don’t need a “man-child” in your life.

The Cute Nerd

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He is intelligent, have a degree from a big university and really cute but your conversations not so much! You find yourself being dumb when he talks about things you didn’t know existed. He knows his way but not so much when it comes to romance. You end up feeling so dumb that you leave him for the hot guy.

The Hot Guy

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He is HOT and oh so attractive! He’s the guy who grabs every women’s attention in a party and you become the less attractive one.
You have great make-out sessions and a crazy good romance but later you find out the only quality he has is being hot as he is a shitty human being. You get tired of his attitude and decide to move on.

The Older Guy

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He’s older than you, but age is just a number, right? After dating immature guys of your own age you find this guy who is mature and have a great job and have everything figured out but then later you realize that you guys are so different and have different interests and you need to explore your options before settling down.

The “Too Fast and Serious” Guy

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You have been only to two dates and he is calling you his soul mate. He is changing plans to be with you and is making plans for the future. This guy has no chill and is too serious which freaks you out and you decide to avoid him altogether.

The “ Commitment Phobic”

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He’s so perfect. You have fun with him and deep talks too. He’s smart, funny, caring and even tells you tells goofy childhood stories but every time you try to let him commit he just tells you he’s not ready for a relationship. You stay with him until you think you deserve someone who is proud to have you.

The “One”

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He’s the one you end up with falling head over heels in love. He’s the perfect match and you feel like yourself with him. There are no games and you feel lucky to have him as your partner.

The 20s are all about finding yourself and exploring the relationship field, even if it gets a little tough. So don’t hesitate to date and explore in your 20s and love yourself more than anyone else!

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