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Twitterati shows How ‘Work From Home’ Looks Like When You Have Pets!

Twitterati shows How ‘Work From Home’ Looks Like When You Have Pets! 

The only good thing that has happened due to the spread of Coronavirus, office work, and schools have been shut down for a bunch of people. Now, people are in self-quarantine with their families.

They have plenty of time to invest in different activities. People can read books, exercise and give time to their hobbies. Some use it to make hilarious memes of sanitizers and play video games.

However, some people are appointed to work from home as they can do their job with the help of a computer or a laptop. The only problem with work from home is, at home, we have a lot of distractions from preparing meals, dirty laundry, to the cutest distraction of our pets. 

So, we decided to show the struggle of work at home these days pet owners are facing but still having fun. They don’t care about private space, are lazy, and call anytime for belly rubs and most hilarious photobomb during conference calls with the Boss.



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However, dealing with cute distracting cats is still better than going out and working outside and exposing our body to the pandemic coronavirus. Stay at home and take all the required precautions.
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