Twitterians Call Malala Yousafzia “Hypocrite” On Israel-Palestinian Conflict, Here’s Why?

The violence between Israel and Palestine is not coming to an end and in the past few days, the country has witnessed hundreds of death. After the ground attacks, Israeli continue airstrikes capturing the world’s attention once again especially on the holy day of Eid.

Hundreds Died In Israel And Palestine’s War For Identity 

Following which many Palestinian are forced to leave their homes and seek shelter in schools. Around 200+ houses and 24 schools are destroyed due to airstrikes.

“Palestinians are not going anywhere” These words of Congress Representative Rashida Tlaib show how every people of Palestine are determined to stay at their homeland. Seeing support from World, Rashida further asked the US government why they are supporting Israel and not Palestine.

The child activist Malala Yousafzia is also in the question but for not supporting Israel. In a video, Malala said, “A Palestinian child should be sitting in a classroom, not in the rubble.”

She further said leaders across the World should come forward and take necessary actions to prevent the rights of Palestinian kids.

This specific mention is the reason why users of twitters are trolling her.

Israel And Palestine Conflict Calls For Global Support

People of all ages have died and lost their homes during the violence, but the question is when it will end? This has raised international concerns as well and even celebrities like Bella Hadid, Gal Gadot, Zayn Malik, and many have expressed grief for the sufferings of Palestinians.


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However, Rihanna who stood with India during farmer protests stays neutral on this conflict.

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