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Twitter Lays Off Employees Without Severance Pay as Job Cuts Continue

New Delhi: In November, Musk reportedly let go of around three-fourths of Twitter’s 7,500-strong workforce, promising those affected three months of severance compensation. However, it has not yet been reported that the former employees have received the said severance package.

Source: Google

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After a length of time expecting them, the ex-personnel of Twitter were given their severance agreements on Saturday. Unfortunately, the remuneration was much less than what most had forecasted, and the emails were sent to their spam folders, as reported by Fortune.

Source: Google

At least 5,500 formerly employed Twitter personnel were due to get their official severance packages. Though, not all those affected obtained their severance agreements that were distributed by a third-party provider called “CPT Group”. Furthermore, the report stated that these employees would not be given their proportionate performance bonuses.

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