Twitter Goes Crazy As Railway Minister Says “Maths Didn’t Help Einstein Discover Gravity” #PiyushGoelHatesMaths Trends On Twitter

As if Defence Minister Nirmala Sitaraman blaming the Millenials for a slow down in auto -sector because they prefer using Ola and Uber instead of buying cars, wasn’t enough, Twiteratti got another muse to mock.

Via: Hindustan Times

This time Railway Minister Piyush Goel has taken the fall stating it wasn’t Maths which helped Einstein discover Gravity.
Okay, now we understand the cause of these rail accidents every year: The Wrong ‘Gravity’, because you see Mr Goel, Einstein didn’t discover gravity in the first place!

Railway Minister Piyush Goel
Via: ScoopWhoop

The Whole Story

In a Board of Trade meeting, Railway Minister Piyush Goel went ranting off about GDP calculations made by experts.
Defending his government against the allegations of economic slowdown, he was trying to answer the question of how projected GDP growth rates don’t seem to align with the $5 trillion-dollar economy mission when he said:

Railway Minister Piyush Goel
Via: ScoopWhoop

Are they having some sort of competition with Pakistani leaders over who could say more ridiculous stuff?

Anyway, Twitter had the best reaction to the news:

Dear Maths haters:

“Khush Toh Aaj Bohot Hoge Tum!”


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