Twitter can still access your deleted messages from years ago


If you feel that the removal of your messages years ago had no history or mark on it, then you have been proved wrong by Twitter. A security researcher has found that after removing messages, the company can still access data even after years.

As per the report, researcher Karan Saini disclosed that Twitter holds direct messages for years, including messages you and others have deleted. Not only this, it also secures data sent from those accounts and which have been disabled and suspended.

As per the latest technology news, Saini got years-old messages in a file from the collection of data obtained through the website from accounts which were no longer on Twitter.

A similar bug allows the use of an old API to restore direct messages even after it had been removed from both parties.

Even though Saini explained that it is a functional bug instead of a security flaw, it still is exposed to malicious users to trespass security loopholes and access accounts that have been suspended or disabled for private data.

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Currently, Twitter is looking into the issue.