Twitter Banned in China: Users in China facing governmental threats


The Chinese government has a position for its repeated crackdown on all things internet. In the latest attempt, Twitter users in China are being investigated for posting content integral of the government.

One Twitter user in China was reportedly grilled by the police for eight hours, while other users are facing hazards and even arrest for days after posting dangerous messages. The users are asked to delete critical posts or their official accounts.

As per Cnet reports, the crackdown is said to be part of President Xi Jinping’s movement to censor content posted on the internet in the country.

Twitter is presently banned in China, But,  people use different software to approach the popular microblogging site. As per measures, only about 0.4 percent of China’s users are hooked to the Twitter platform.

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However, provided the strong nature of the platform, it usually fuels political controversy and discussion in the country.

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