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Try Homemade Primer To Get A Flawless Makeup

As women, we all like to play with our makeup to enhance the beauty and appearance. But our makeup looks patchy and comes off after some time. Whether we use expensive and good makeup products, this is a common problem that we all are facing. But many of us have no idea why this happens. A weak base is the one big reason behind patchy makeup. We don’t consider the base of makeup, and that ruins our makeup. So, we need a good primer to get a perfect base.

A primer work wonders to the skin as it covers your pores and keeps your makeup flawless. Moreover, a good primer helps to keep your skin healthy and protect it from chemicals. Therefore it is very important to use a good primer. You can find a number of primer products in the market. But it would be best if you make it at home as it is chemical-free and contains natural ingredients.

So, if you want to make a primer at home, then read this article. Here, we discuss some DIY primer recipes which are easily prepared at home.

Diy Primer Recipes:


1. Take a moisturizer you regularly use to moisturize your skin and add two spoons aloe vera gel in it. Shake it well until it becomes a smooth gel or cream. If your skin is oily, we recommend you mix a few drops of witch hazel to prevent acne and spots. Then apply this gel or cream on your face before using any makeup products.

2. Take sunscreen and add two teaspoons of aloe vera gel in it. After that, mix a few drops of your foundation in it and shake it well. Now apply it on a face and see the result. This homemade primer can work amazing on your skin and prevent it from chemicals.

So, try these DIY primer recipes and make your skin and makeup perfect!

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