Trendy Floral Hairstyles For The Brides Or the Bridesmaid


Whether you are THE BRIDE Or the BRIDESMAID looking for some hairstyle ideas, don’t worry we got you all covered. Let the inner diva in you be represented with the flowers this season.

  • TRADITIONAL INDIAN BRIDE: Red is the hot favorite for most of the brides and red roses have always been the very first choice.

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  • THE BOLD RED – Be bold, Be passionate and Be you. Stand out from the crowd. 
Via: Hindustan times
  • THE CLASSY WHITE ROSES: Red for love, yellow for friendship and white for sophistication.Want to feel like more ladylike try white roses.

  • PLAY WITH INNOCENT PINK: Gives an impression of innocence, girlish and feminity . for a more softer look try the pink roses.

  • SIMPLE MOGARA: Don`t want all that fuss then be simple and go for the mogara.

  • PRINCESS BRAIDS: Now braids are something which catches the attention in itself so go for any flower you like and let the braid do its work.

  • THE NEWAGE HEAD CROWN: Whether you love this look or you hate it you just simply cannot ignore it. If you want to try something different try this look.

  • LADY IN LAVENDER: Lavender is considered feminity all grown up often seen as refinement, grace, and elegance. Feel royalty with the color purple.

  • MIX IT UP: Can`t decide on one flower then mix it up girllll!!!! Just mix it up and have fun.

  • RED SARI WHITE MOGARA: The combination of white and red can never go wrong. 

  • CLASSIC BUN WITH SARI: The ever so favorite lady in the sari with the little South Indian touch to it.

bloom beautifully dangerously loudly, bloom softly however you need just bloom as beautifully said by RUPI KAUR