Viral! Ghost caught on camera at school in Ireland will give you goosebumps


    We have heard so many times about old buildings being spooky, haunted, and even many bizarre stories that keep spreading by word of mouth.

    Today, we’ll talk about the latest viral news of one such building that is Ireland’s oldest school which is many times regarded as one of the most haunted places around the world.

    And indeed still individuals can talk about whether demons exist or not, one strange CCTV footage of the school is going viral.

    The spooky footage captured on the scrutiny camera shows heavy closets swinging and smacking against the school wall, but no one is caught in the clip! this video has become the latest trending viral videos on youtube.

    Look at this horror video:

    Some strange flashlights can be identified from behind a locked door accompanied by hard closets waving and rattling against the wall. What makes it shock and disgust is the factor that there is nobody is seen in the video clip!

    Carrying forward, the camera clip displays some unnatural activity taking place as one of the cupboard lockers doors suddenly breaks open, with papers and books storming out and onto the school floor.

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    school ghost
    via: The Financial Express

    Taking the breath away, the video goes quiet for a moment, however only to give you another shock as the wet sign on the school floor gets pitched into the air. It looks like someone has banged it so hard.  

    The scariest part of the video is that in this 50 second of the video clip, no one can be seen which has shocked more than 15 million views on the YouTube.


    Rumors that the Deepmark school is possessed have floated around for years, but this is the most enthralling evidence to see, says the principal of the school.

    And unless it is some prank, it may be the most bizarre stories of haunted school we’ve ever seen.