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Transformation in the ways of Holi Celebrations: Then and Now

Holi, the biggest festival of colors where we spread colors of love and joy, when we celebrate the superiority of good over evil, where we should come together and celebrate our happiness. But are we really together now?? Aren’t we forgetting such frivolities of festivals and becoming just materialistic??

There was one line in the Holi song of Sholay “Gile Shikvay Bhulkar Doston, Dushman Bhi Gale mil Jaate Hain”. Is it really happening now? In fact, rarely people come out of these doors of so-called standards. Formally they just put little gulal on their foreheads, even such a beautiful festival of colors people are giving it a formal form.

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Where is that gaiety nowadays of Holi, earlier people start to have preparations a week before, making water balloons, throwing balloons on people passing by, making delicious sweets and snacks. Nowadays most people say we don’t have time to prepare such delicacies and most of them say they are health conscious, they can’t afford to eat such items. Earlier neighbors used to go to each other’s homes and prepared dishes together, they used to sit together and eat those mouth-watering Ghujiyas and Muthris.

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That Dholaks on Holi are replaced by DJs and Formal Holi Parties. Why people are becoming so much artificial? Now if there is no official party, people won’t even bother to wish each other. Holi has actually lost its holiness. That Frolic dancing on Dholaks, that sparkling and real happiness of splashing colors is taken away by stilted songs of Djs where there is actually no fun.

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Those flavourful Thandais and Bhangas which were drunk for Shagun (A Ritual) are replaced by Liquors. People think it is their official day of drinking, thus making such festival impious. Previously people fill the full buckets of water and put colors into it, filled pichkaris with such water and unfurled water from pichkaris to each other, that innocent playing of holi has gone somewhere. Nowadays people want to play holi across swimming pools throw each other in drums and pools, is there any fun left? Or they go to their farmhouses and there are no community gatherings.

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People now are more interested in just getting the holiday of Holi not in celebrating, they think they will get an off from their work, so that they can relax. And even give excuses that they are skin conscious. And also if the color is not removed, it will be difficult for them to go to their workplaces the next day

Effect on Movies Too

Even in movies now rarely any Holi songs can be seen and if they are seen also these song lyrics don’t have that appeal, the way it was before, earlier Holi songs were more soothing. In fact those old Holi songs are more famous like Rang Barse from Kabhie Kabhie movie or Dekho Holi aayi re from the movie Mashaal. Nowadays even directors are not interested in shooting Holi songs. The zest of Holi song which was seen in earlier films can’t be seen now. Well after many years Karan Johar had shown Holi songs in his movies “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (Balam Pichkaari) and the title song of “Badri Ki Dulhaaniya”, which were extremely nice, but still, people relate to old Holi songs more. Those 70s, 80s, and 90s songs had more spark and overwhelming power.

Thus, we see a big change in the ways of playing Holi earlier and now. if we see that main purpose has changed, people have adopted that artificial thing in their life and are losing their reality, once again try to gather together, eat those ghujiyas together, splash colors, try to play Holi in an informal way, go to each other houses, instead of partying and DJs celebrate the real togetherness by coming out of your houses and play holy with your neighbors and dear ones, without worrying about anything.


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