5 Unique Things To Do In Malaysia For Like Never Before Experience

Malaysia usually means beaches and islands. No! This culture-rich country is also full of history, adventure, fun places, and many famous places to visit in Malaysia. And no matter how many times you come here, you’d miss something every time. Well, less is more if you know the best things to do in Malaysia.

Check out our guide if you want to make your journey unforgettable and adventurous things to do in Malaysia within a budget.

Top 5 Things To Do In Malaysia

1. Aquaria KLCC For An Underwater Adventure

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The marine life of this Island country is not something you can only enjoy at Malaysian beaches while snorkeling or scuba diving. Discover an ocean beneath the City of Kuala Lumpur at Aquaria.

The 90-meter long underwater tunnel is full of sharks, fishes, starfish, turtles, and crocodiles. However, it is not like other aquariums. The big glass ceiling and walls give a mesmerizing experience to tourists especially kids.

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Timings: 10 am to 07 pm; the last entry closes at 6 pm

Entry Fees:

  1. Adults can book a slot 3 months before their arrival. Entry charges for adults are 49 Malaysian Ringgit/ RM 71 for general admission
  2. The ticket costs RM 39 for kids older than 3 whereas the rate is RM 61 for general admission. The same charges are applicable for senior citizens.
  3. There’s a facility of wheelchair for disabled and handicapped visitors. For them, the entry charge is only RM 16.

[Note: No Refunds on Cancellation]

How To Reach

Aquaria KLCC is within walking distance from the Suria KLCC station.

Activities to do In Aquaria

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  1. Book a “Dive With Shark” slot for an ultimate experience with real-life sharks

2. Dive-in at Cage Rage- A Living Ocean of KL

3. Kids can feed the fishes with hands, sleep with sharks, enjoy discovery hunts, and animal interaction with Aquaria’s signature program.

Nearby tourist attractions:

Petronas Twin towers, Menara Kuala Lumpur, KLCC Park, National Craft Complex, and Petronas Art Gallery.

2. Langkawi Cable Car For A Thrilling Experience

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A cable car trip is one of the most recommended things to do in Malaysia for unlimited fun and adventure. Langkawi SkyCable is the perfect pick for it. It lies north of Telga Harbour of Pantai Kok at the 2nd highest peak Mount Mat Cincang.

The 2.2 km long cable will take you on an aerial trip. It would be a one-time life experience to explore the Majestic Mountain and forest from a breathtaking height. Moreover, views of Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls from the 708 ft height will make your day.

Timings: 10 am to 8 pm

Entry Charges: MYR 55.00/person

How To Reach

  • Land to Langkawi International Airport from Kuala Lumpur that is only a one-hour distance and drive to Oriental Village. It is only 15 minutes away from the airport.
  • A Bus from Kuala Perlis will cost you less but takes almost 7 hours to reach this paradise island. Take a taxi to the Oriental Village and you are there.
  • The third fastest route is a drive from Kuah Town of Langkawi’s capital Kedah.

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Activities To do in Langkawi

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  1. See a Giant Eagle in Kuah town before you begin the adventure trip. Its 12 mt tall sculpture situated at the center of Kuah Square with miniatures of fountains and bridges.

2. Get a close-up view of rockhopper penguins in the underwater world of Langkawi

3. Don’t miss shopping from Coco Valley, everything here is duty-free.

4. Must eat the delicacies such as Ikan Bakar, Laksa, and Sambal at local restaurants

Nearby Attractions:

Langkawi Wildlife and Bird Paradise, Pulau Payar Marine Park, Art in Paradise 3D museum are few famous places in Malaysia.

3. Putra Jaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

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Malaysia is more about aerial rides than watersports, if you have never been to Putra Jaya you’d get me wrong. The hot air balloon rides are one of the best things to do in Malaysia and Putra Jaya is crowded with tourists every year.

What makes it more interesting is the timing. It began just a few hours before the sun lights up the whole of Malaysia.

Timings: Mid-March

Entry Fees: Approx RM850/person (extra charges for photos); Free for viewers

How to reach

  • A train from Kuala Lumpur International Airport is the fastest way to reach Putrajaya Sentral station. Another option is coupon taxis from the KL Sentral
  • Also, every hour a bus service begins from Bandar Utama and Kotaraya to the Putrajaya.

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Activities to do in Putrajaya Fiesta

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  1. Reverse bungee
  2. Fun ride in Water roller orbs
  3. Art workshops for kids and adults

Nearby Attractions:

China-Malaysia Friendship Garden, Putrajaya Lake, Challenge Park (indoor climbing gym), Sky Rides Festival Park, etc.

4. Cameron Highlands For A Cool Escape

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Cameron Highlands is a famous place to visit in Malaysia for those who need an escape from city life. The strawberry gardens, 2000 mt high mountains, tea gardens, beautiful orchids will fill you with energy.

The smallest municipality of Pahang state is famous for rivers, lakes, golf courses, museums, and wildlife.

How to reach

Since there are no major railway stations, you have to take bus services that run from Kuala Lumpur, Tapah, and Penang to Cameron.

Things to do in Cameron

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  1. Hiking is special here for the rare flora found at 2000m high Gunung Brinchan. But don’t get scared if you see a monster flower (rafflesia) on your way.
  2. Take a tour to strawberry farms; it will lift your mood
  3. Discover unusual fruits such as mangosteen, durian, and dragonfruit at Kea Farm market
  4. Come to Tanah Rata for a steamboat dinner

Nearby Attractions:

Few famous places in Malaysia’s highland retreat are Sam Poh Tong Temple, Butterfly farms, Time Tunnel Museum, Mah Meri art gallery, etc…

5. Malacca Cruise Tour For A Historic Ride

“Visiting Malacca is Visiting Malaysia”

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That’s the tagline of this small state of Malaysia that perfectly holds the history and culture which truly reflects in the modern architectures here. Therefore, the entire city is listed under the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Your journey won’t end here and the best way to explore Melaka is via cruise tour. There are two cruise services available- Taman Rempah and Muara Jetty . One begins from the Quayside Heritage center whereas Hang Jebat Bridge is the starting point for Taman.

Timing: 9 am to 11:30 pm

Entry fees: RM 25 for adults; RM 30 for foreigner adults; RM 15 for Child

How To Reach

  • Terminal Bersepadu Selatan is the nearest bus terminal that operates from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca. Even if you are in Singapore, reaching Malacca is the fastest via bus.
  • The cheapest option is a train that runs from KL Sentral to Malacca on Tampin Komuter Line. It would be 3-4 hours of the journey during a peak tourist season.

Activities to do in Malacca

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  1. Taste the fusion food at Nyonya eateries
  2. Plan a fun getaway at A’Famosa resort
  3. Shop, dine and explore artworks at Jonker street

Nearby attractions:

Ayer Keroh Botanical Garden, Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, The Sultanate Palace, and Cheng Hoon Chinese Temple.

These were the 5 best things to do in Malaysia. So, pack your bag, book a ticket, and get ready to dive into Malaysian culture.

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