Top 5 strange and deadly animals

5 Strange Deadly Animals

There are so many different strange  animals in the world that nobody even knows the exact number of existing species.

However, not everything is at it seems. Because the ugly ones may be safe. And the beautiful ones can be deadly.

We are going to represent you the top 5 strange animals from that you should run away as fast as possible.


This is the deadliest scorpion among all. They are responsible for 75% of all victims of scorpion attacks.They can show cannibalistic behaviour if they can’t find food.

Carpet Viper:

It is considered to be the deadliest snake because it kills the large numbers of people Yearly.It injects some of the toxin into the blood of the victim.

Cone Snail:

The worst thing about this snail is that there is no cure or some kind of antidote. If it stings you, You are dead whatever you do. This snail is also referred to the The Cigarette Snail”. As its poison kills you as fast as it takes you to finish one cigarette.


First, if you confuse it with a rock, and step on its spikes. It will poison you and you will lose your leg. Another thing is that stonefish only takes 0.15 seconds to react to a moving object.

Africanized honey bee:

A Brazilian man was trying to  make a new breed of bees and accidentally let them out. There poison is not more dangerous than the one that normal bees have. But accidentally if you get stung by a group of them you should go to a doctor immediately.

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