Top 5 Life-Saving Gadgets Everyone Should Have In The Covid Era

In the era of automation, smart technologies, and AI, one thing always comes to my mind; Do we have life-saving gadgets around us? Probably NO! We all are fascinated by the brand-new technologies, the comfort they provide, and their ability to connect us better and let us do things we have always imagined. But they are just a waste of money if they cannot save the precious of all “LIFE”.

It’s time to invest in various types of safety devices that have been invented to deal with pandemic so that condition doesn’t become uncontrollable.

And the present scenario of the country when life is dependent only on the gadgets and machines such as ventilators and oxygen concentrators, we need to think about our choices and habits. A small change can save us from a life-threatening condition, if not completely then at least help to minimize the spread of the virus.

Check out our list of Covid-inspired gadgets and technologies.

5 Life-Saving Gadgets To Deal With Pandemic

Sanitizing Box

Need of sanitization is more than ever, right from the frequently used surfaces to the less-used ones everything has to be properly sanitized. We have seen humans get sanitized when covid-19 has just arrived in the country.

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sanitizing box

It still exists and got powerful with several new and deadliest variants. Keeping this in mind, one must invest in an affordable Sanitizing box that wards off all the germs on your daily use items with its UV technology. However, they are not as cheap as you think. A certified one will cost you somewhere around Rs 2-3k.

Self-Cleaning Door Handle

Self-Cleaning Door Handle

This deadly virus can live up to 3 days on stainless steel and feeling the need of opening the door a hundred times a day, one can easily forget to sanitize it. The better option is this door handle which has a self-cleaning handle to disinfectant the surface by creating a thin film soon after someone touches it. Such a life-saving gadget can curb the spread of the virus by 80 percent and boost contactless habits.

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Hand-free Door Opener

type of safety devices

A London-based company came up with a more advanced solution than the self-cleaning door. Hygeinehook or hand-free door opener is a 3D printed design that lets you open the door without touching it. The company is selling this simple yet effective gadget to the healthcare industry where it is needed the most.

Phone Sanitizer

If you cannot afford a big sanitizing box then get this compact phone sanitizer. It is handy and can kill the germs from your phone up to 99 percent. The reason you need is that cell phones are the biggest hub of bacteria even more than a toilet seat.

type of safety devices

So, instead of wiping off the phone’s screen with disinfectant get a UV-Clean phone sanitizer. Put it in this small box and turn on the button. Wait for few seconds and your phone will come out cleaner. The unique fact about this gadget is that it’s faster and can also use when your phone is running out of battery.

Even though only intended to disinfectant the phone, you can also place keys and TV remotes in the box for making them bacteria-free.

Smartest Of All Smartwatch

The latest smartwatches can let you check emails, send/receive text, monitor your heartbeat, and the number of steps. But some brands offer more safer and smarter life-saving gadgets. They let you monitor the blood-oxygen-level, record the heart’s electrical signal, and can even track your sleep. Brands like Fitbit, Samsung, and Apple are launching such smart watches in the market.

life-saving gadgets

Gadgets do save lives if you have the right ones and you know how to use them. And these types of safety devices are must-buy right now no matter whether you are tech-savvy or not.

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