Top 10 most popular Google searches of 2017

They are depressing AF


Google just revealed its top trending searches list for 2017, and the results won’t surprise us at all. Hurricane Irma, Iphone X and  fidget spinner topped this year’s list. have a look at the list to know what people surfed mostly on google this year.

The top trending search of 2017 begins with the bad news.

Hurricane Irma:


Storm searches for Hurricane Irma that blew through the U.S. in August affected substantial catastrophic damage in the northeastern part of the Carolinas, The Caribbean, as well as in Georgia. This incident killed more than 100 people. It was said after the 2005 hurricane this was the most intense one that battered the Florida and Caribbean.

Fidget spinner:


The toys that were originally meant to help people with anxiety and ADHD quickly become the popular trend all credit goes to social media.

Tom Petty:

via:Outkick the Coverage

The legendary rocker died at the age 66 on Oct 2. Petty was known for his music with tom petty and heart breakers.

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13 reasons why:
  • Netflix’s controversial show that debuted in March 2017 is about a Teenager
  • Who Left behind cassette tapes explaining 13 reasons why she took her own life

Meghan Markle:

Clarence House announced Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s engagement in November: The two are set to marry in spring 2018.

Matt Lauer:

via:CNN Money

The former Today host was fired by NBC after sexual harassment allegations surfaced.

iPhone X:

Apple unveiled its first premium-tier phone for the iPhone 10-year ceremony. Equipped with face ID technology, The new gadget cost customers $1,000.

Chester Bennington:

via:Chester Bennington:

The linking park front-man died of suicide by hanging on July 20.Millions of friends, family and fans mourned his death on social media

India national cricket team:

via;International Inside

India’s highly anticipated match up with rivalled Pakistan helped  fuel searches for team India.

iPhone 8:

via:Edgy Labs

The iPhone 8 supports wireless charging for the first time just like the iPhone X. But apple kept the IPhone X name surprise so many searched for iPhone 8 instead.

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