Alert Parents! New Tomato Fever Infecting Only Kids, Causing Painful Blisters on Body

Whenever the rate of covid-19 slows down, a new virus pops out and that’s complicated and problematic too. This time Kerala is facing the challenge of tomato fever after a kid got contracted and died. Till now more than 140 cases of this rare virus are found but its origin and cause are yet not known. Trouble is double as symptoms of tomato fever are similar to covid-19.

Ever since the outbreak, the government and the public are in the alert mode to curb its spread. Most of the patients with tomato fever are kids under 5 years of age which is why parents are in fear. Although there’s nothing to panic about, parents must keep an eye on their kids for tomato fever symptoms and consult the doctor immediately.

What is Tomato Fever and Its Symptoms

tomato fever symptoms

The name of this flu indicates that the infection is caused by eating tomatoes but that’s not the case. It got the name due to big red painful blisters which look similar and as big as the tomato that gave its name.

In reality, it is called HFMD as the disease is related to hand, foot, and mouth. The real cause of tomato fever is, however, not known to doctors and can be confirmed after thorough research. As of now, experts believe that it could be the after-effect of chikungunya.

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Symptoms of Tomato Fever

Like other viral infections, HFMD is also contagious and spread via droplets of cough and sneeze. If an infection develops, then the following symptoms would be visible.

tomato fever symptoms

  • Body Ache
  • Swelling in joints
  • Fatigue
  • Skin Irritation
  • Dehydration
  • Rashes
  • High fever
  • Discoloration of hands, knees, and buttocks

These signs are, however, not very serious and last up to 10 days but parents should not take them lightly and follow preventive measures.

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Prevention of Tomato Flu/Fever

tomato fever causes

If your kid shows any symptoms of tomato fever, take him to the doctor. Also, make sure that they are properly hydrated as this summer heat can make the symptoms worse. Ask kids to avoid scratching the area with rashes or blisters. Take medicines on time and avoid going outside.

Do not use any home remedy as this can worsen the conditions. Follow all guidelines prescribed by the doctors.

So far, HFMD, or tomato flu has reached the Aryankavu, Meduvathur, Anchal, and Kollam regions of Kerala.

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