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Tired Of Body Pain? Here Are Tips To Improve Your Body Posture!

Remember the time when your parents and teachers continuously told you to sit straight and to walk without slouching. Well, you may not have taken their advice seriously then but after experiencing body pain, you do realize it’s important now.

What is Posture?

Posture is how we hold our bodies while doing normal tasks like standing, sitting, lifting, walking or just lying down.

Why maintain a good posture?

A good posture will save a lot of your money and energy dealing with intense back, shoulder and muscle pain. It helps in increasing your concentration by improving circulation. It improves breathing and strengthens your muscles. It increases your stamina and even improves your confidence. It can also help you improve your body language.

Tips To Improve Your Body Posture!

1. Stop Slouching!

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Slouching can become a habit that can be hard to get rid of. But, practising the correct sitting position will help you get rid of the muscle and back pain caused due to slouching. Always try to sit with your back straight and avoid your shoulders bending forward. Place your feets flat on the floor to balance your weight and keep your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. If you have back pain, avoid sitting for a prolonged period and switch between sitting and standing desk.

2. Avoid getting a “text neck”!

text neck
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Are you on our phone all the time? If yes, then beware of the text neck! A text neck is a position your neck takes when you bend your neck down or hunch to use your phone or keyboard. If you do so, it can cause shoulder and upper back stiffness. For avoiding this simply, lift your phone up and move your head instead of bending your neck.

3. Hit the bed (not literally)!

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Have pulled muscles or sharp pain in your shoulders when you wake up? It might be because of your bad posture while lying down. Firstly, ditch the soft fuzzy mattress and opt for a firm one instead. If you sleep on your back, avoid using heightened pillows and use a thin pillow instead. If you sleep on your side, avoid bending your knees to a great extent. If you have back pain, keep a pillow underneath your legs for relief. Avoid sleeping on your stomach as it causes excessive pressure on your neck, abdomen, and shoulders.

4. Stand tall and proud!

Stand tall
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When you stand, avoid bending forward or backwards. Keep your back straight and your chin parallels to the floor. Keep your body weight balanced on your feet. Your knees should be straight and your belly should be a little bit inside. You might find it difficult at first but few standing exercises will help you maintain this posture easily.

5. Choose flats over heels!

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No matter how stylish those red pumps look, try to resist that temptation and go for flats instead. Wearing heels on a regular basis or for prolonged hours and put excessive stress on your knees joints and hips. It can cause pain, fractures and even trapped nerves.

If you make these common mistakes, then practice these easy posture movements to avoid a lifetime of pain!

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