Here are 5 tips to accessorize you and be up for the style statement

These tips will improve your personal style!

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Here are 5 tips to accessorize you and be up for the style statement! Styling your stuff has become a fun and challenging one that keeps a whole group together.

It is practically an art, to enhance your style statement; there are many different elements to consider, what type of ring, bracelet, watch, bangle to wear, how to choose your midi, nose ring. Clutches, handbags, and much more stuff like that to enhance your style statement.

And of course, we all love to accessorize ourselves. Some of us choose neck pieces, while other loves to carry sober chains, casual earrings.

Just remember one thing whatever you choose, be comfortable while carrying them and have them with full grace. How to choose the accessories and when to wear them, on what occasion, is the key to understand.

Here are some tips to feel no way less in accessorizing oneself


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Just pick one piece to accessorize your jewelry and it is the easiest way to work around. That piece can be a stylish ring, cool watch, or a chubby bracelet.

Try to match them by having pieces that are smaller in size and not a gaudy one. For example, in this image, you will see that our main focus is on the gold watch, which is very well complimented with thin bracelets and rings.



If you don’t have enough accessories to put on, then try to mix them and distinguish them by their thickness and sizes. Separate your bracelets by irregular types or sizes. Such as in this picture you will see that she layers her bracelets and keeps the smaller one and the thinnest in the middle of all.

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It is inspired to have a blend of all kinds of metals when it comes to your jewelry. It can be either Silver, Rose gold, copper, white gold, and sometimes even green gold. With a variety of metal pieces, your arms are given a bit uncommon look.


vivid color braceletHaving vivid color combination is nothing to be afraid of. Just go to add a mix of color in a sea of gold and silver bracelets.

Mixing of colors in bracelets made of big or small beats or beats in braided style is an incredible way to take on the in and out the trend and also to make your jewelry genre less dull instead of more unique.


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If you are not comfortable in layering too many bracelets and also it makes you feel a bit heavy, directing your points. Stacking rings are one of the latest fashion trends.

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There is no limit to wearing these rings as you can accessorize your beautiful fingers with one, two, three, or more than one or two ring in a single finger.