Tips To Negotiate Salary During Job Interview For A Hike

Despite everything, salary is a major factor that finalises the decision of accepting or declining the job offer. Because being compensated fairly for your skills, directly affects job satisfaction. So, understanding the art of salary negotiation is incredibly important. Here we have mentioned some major tips to negotiate salary during a job interview.

Tips To Negotiate Salary During Job Interview

1. Do Not Tell Employer Your Expectation

Tips To Negotiate Salary During Interview
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Do not make the mistake of telling your expectation to the employer. Delay this discussion as long as you can, and let him offer first. When he directly ask you about your target salary, you can say that the company is in a better position than you to evaluate the value. Once the employer mentioned his first offer, you can start the negotiation.

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2. Take A Little Pause Before Negotiation

When the employer tables his first offer, take a little pause before responding. This will buy you some time to think about your offer for negotiation. And if the employer looks a little worried at a moment, then he can raise your package.

3. Look At Other Benefits

Tips To Negotiate Salary During Interview

Always look at the other benefits that the employer is offering with the job. You can also consider them before telling about your final offer to the employer. Other benefits like health insurance, your bills that the company will pay etc.

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4. Never Give Up In Negotiation

Do not give up in a negotiation until the employer finalises his last offer. And every time you say “No”, explain your reason for the hike. When he told that this is the maximum pay scale for the job, ask them for an increment after six months and a sign-on bonus.

If the employer closed the discussion without a conclusion, you can take it forward after two days.

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5. Don’t Hurry, Be Patient

Tips To Negotiate Salary During Interview
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Never accept or reject the offer so easily. Listen to the whole package carefully and try to negotiate according to your worth. Continue the discussion until the employer finalises his last offer. If he confirms it, you can decide to accept or reject it.

6. Don’t Afraid To Walk Away

You can also come up with a walk-away point to pressurise the employer for raising the offer. It could be based on anything like financial need, market value, your current salary is higher than it etc. Most of the time employers will raise his offer when one plays his walk away card.

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