Tinder will no longer show matches based on Elo score


A new change has been updated by Tinder in its service. The company will no longer show you the possible matches based on the Elo score.

Depending on how other people are engaged with your profile, the ElO score was determined by Tinder’s algorithm.

In his official blog, Tinder noted that the Elo Score algorithm compares a user’s Likes and Dislikes to show potential matches based on similarities and engagement with the profile.

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The well-known dating will no longer use the algorithm. Alternatively, its current system adjusts the potential matches you see each and every time your profile is Liked or Noped. Changes in the order of your potential matches is reflected within 24 hours.

Tinder has more than 30 billion users in 190 countries till date which is available across 190 countries. This app matches people using their recent activity, preferences, and location.

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