Tinder has something new for you in this coming Spring!


Tinder: It is important to have some interesting matches, even if you are at the spring break of your college. Tinder is starting a new facility to help you deal with spring breaks by swiping left or right.

This new feature, called Spring Break, will allow you to scan through future matches based on where you are traveling for a spring break. According to one of the sources, it will have more than 20 popular destinations to choose from!

In fact, it will only be available for college students using Tinder U. The process will add a Spring Break badge to the profile that will be shown from March 4 until March 31 when the spring breaks end.

You will see a Spring Break card in your matching profile. Once this appears, you will be able to select a holiday destination to see matches from that place and other users will see the badge on your profile.

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For people who are not going anywhere and staying at home during this break will have a “Staycation badge”.