Tinder Beats Netflix And Becomes The Highest Grossing Non Gaming App

Tinder beats Netflix

Tinder wins the race beating Netflix as it becomes the highest-grossing non-gaming app. The online dating trend is increasing rapidly, therefore, Tinder successfully takes Netflix’s place.

Via: Daily Wire

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As per the reports, Tinder has generated a revenue of $497 leaving behind Netflix and YouTube. The dating app has secured the first position in the non-gaming category in the first half of 2019 on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Tinder generates 18% revenue of the United States followed by Brazil generating 13% and Great Britain with 4%.

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Netflix which lied among the first preference pf the people has been dragged down to the second position by Tinder. Through these reports, we can make out the changing preferences of people.

This is one of the great technical updates in the latest times. Although some are curious to know whether Netflix will retain it’s position or not. Time changes so do people’s choices.