Sergii Santos, who made sex dolls with artificial intelligence, has revealed a very shocking disclosure. This sex toy named Samantha has become an emotional attachment to Dr. Sarggi from the sex and now it can not be a moment without it. Sargi, who lives in North Wales, said that he also keeps this sex doll along with his wife at home. Sergi said that it is so realistic that it gets orgasm within 5 minutes.

Dolls are in a variety of modes …

These dolls being built in Synthea Arnatus firm work in several modes. There are many types of emotions, expressions and voices that have been given to respond to touch and behaviors.

Doctor Sargi said that despite being married, he himself kept this dollar at home and because of this his sexual life has become quite interesting.

In the disputes since the beginning

This doll- about 3.5 lakh rupees (4 thousand pounds) worth of this robot, 39-year-old Sergei has made Aran Lee with him. Some time ago, Aran was also involved in controversy over this dollar when he had said in a TV show that he also let the kids play with this sex doll. Aran’s social media was criticized after this.

Look forward to the slides, some more facts related to this doll …

The doctor told that the software of this dollar is Android-based and many changes can be made.

Closely looks like Samantha..

Sergi said that several models of Samantha will be available on sex toy shops.