This secret YouTube Easter dog will make your day

youtube easter egg

This secret YouTube Easter dog will make your day: Google has lots of hidden Easter eggs to help you wipe put time on the internet. Now, Redditors have dug out a new Easter egg, which in reality is a Corgi, hidden in YouTube.

Corgi appears when you replay any video and hold left arrow or ‘J’ for a few seconds. The happy dog then walks on the bar.

It has been found that this Easter egg work on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. It is also available on PC with the help of browser but only through the YouTube TV interface on

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The standard interface does not support the Easter egg.

The Easter egg doesn’t look particularly related to the YouTube TV. There are individual Xbox apps for YouTube and YouTube TV.

Easter egg doesn’t work on the standard website and also, it doesn’t work in the YouTube app on my Pixel XL.

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