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This Rose Day, Match The Color Of Your Rose With Your True Feelings

The week of love has finally arrived and many of you have been eagerly waiting to confess your true feelings. The week of love starts with ‘Rose Day’ and ends with ‘Valentine’s Day’. Flowers are for every occasion but on Rose Day they hold even more importance.

Did you ever got misjudged for the colour of your rose you gave to someone? Yes! different colours have different meanings.

If you are in a dilemma and want to choose the right colour of a rose for your loved ones., then go ahead.

Different Color Of Roses And Their Actual Meaning

1. Yellow Rose For Forever Friendship

Yellow Rose
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The yellow colour is for the blooming and blossoming bond of friendship. Yellow colour signifies the strong bond of friendship you have with someone. This rose day don’t just give rose to your beloved, remember your friends as friendship is forever.

2. Pink Rose For Thanks

Pink Rose
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Pink rose is the symbol of joy, happiness and thankfulness. If your friend ever helped you give them the rose of thankfulness. The dark pink coloured rose is also a symbol of admiration. If you love your beloved and admire him/her for the person they then surprise them with a pink rose. It will also mark the passionate love you have for them.

3. White Rose For Romance And Purity

White Rose

White is a peaceful colour to look at and symbolizes purity of your love. It will also mark the start of your romance than will be blooming between you two. White roses are a great choice for Valentine’s Day as they add the hint of subtleness and peace to your love life.

4. Orange For Passion And Enthusiasm

Orange Rose
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The energy of love cannot be indicated with just one colour of the rose. Orange is a combination of yellow and red and thus has meanings that represent love, friendship passion enthusiasm and fascination.

5. Purple Rose To Indicate Infatuation

Purple Rose
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If you are attracted to someone and it is too early to call it to love then go with a purple rose. The purple colour indicates infatuation and attraction you feel for your someone special. This can give you the best start to bloom your love.

6. Red Rose

Red Rose
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Last but not least the most special and significant colour of love is Red rose. If you are in love with someone already then give them this red rose that will define your deep, passionate and strong feeling of love.

Are you excited about your Rose day? Wish you a happy Valentine’s week ahead.

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