This Place To Have Complete 14 Day Lockdown, Starting From This Friday

Coronavirus lockdown

The coronavirus cases are rising each day, however, the unlock of many states has already happened still the spike in cases is dangerous.

The gateway of northeast region Guwahati reported a hike in coronavirus cases rising up to 762 since June 15. Out of the 677 had no travel history.

Assam health minister Biswa Sharma said that the state will observe 12-hour night curfew. Starting from 7 pm onwards from Friday and a 14-day complete lockdown will be enforced in Kamrup (Metro) district, of which Guwahati city is a part, from June 28 midnight, following a spurt in COVID-19 cases.

Out of the 276 cases reported, 133 were from Guwahati, Biswa said:

“We are now left with no choice but to impose a complete lockdown for 14 days from June 28 midnight, and this time it will be very strict as no grocery shops will be allowed to open or supply of vegetables and other essentials will be permitted for the first seven days,”