This Milkman’s Ingenious Jugaad Is Gaining Everyone’s Attention, Check It Out Here

Essential service providers are doing their best to maintain social distancing while on the job. Many local shopkeepers have come up with new ideas as well that are gaining everyone’s attention. Now, a milkman has come up with a unique solution to ensure social distancing while delivering the milk.

Everyone on twitter is appreciating his efforts after his photo went viral on social media.

The milkman with his face and hands covered on his bike is serving to the customers without even touching. His idea is worth appreciating as it ensures not only his safety but his customers as well. He has attached a long pipe from his bike. Customers can get milk from that pipe without even coming in contact with the milkman and the vessels.

An IAS officer Nitin Sangwan posted his photo on Twitter after which it went viral. He has appraised the milkman with his words,” Good to see that some people go the extra mile to keep themselves and others safe.”

“Let’s do basic minimum things of staying at home, wearing a mask, and keeping social distance even if we cannot go the extra mile like this innovative milkman,” he added further for the milkman.

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