OMG! This lady tortured herself used to remain Starve


Nowadays, girls also leave food and drink for the figure they want. They do not think what their side effects will have on their body. Such is the story of Stephanie Rhodes who lives in New York. Who desired to make a perfectly slim figure, so she stopped breakfast and lunch at the age of 13. By doing so, she started losing weight. What happened next…

Stephanie explains that as soon as she was getting lean, her confidence was increasing, and people began praising her. Following such a diet, she was diagnosed with anorexia at 17 years of age. In this disease, the patient is afraid to eat food and his weight falls drastically. Because of this illness, Stephanie had stopped eating and her illness continued to grow. At one time his disease had increased so much that she remained a bone structure.

when she used to admit in the hospital, she was asked to eat and increase weight. She used to be in the hospital forcibly so that she could go back home. She used to leave the house after reaching home and then she had to go to the hospital soon.

Stephanie explains that as soon as she got the disease, she used to come to the Anglican attack whenever she ate food. She felt that she would be fat with whatever she would eat. As soon as she left the food she seemed to be okay.

She is currently treating his illness at the Rehab Center of American State Massachusetts. There is a gradual improvement in his condition.

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