This Difference Between Love And Lust Photos Will Give You Goosebumps


There are so many people in the world who don’t even able to find the difference between love and lust. So such peoples get trapped by the lovers who didn’t love them but only have lust to love them. I met somany people and ask them do you know the difference between lust and love? Literally very few able to answer my question. After seeing this i decided to let you aware of the signs which shows your love is true love or just lust.

You’re totally focused on a person’s looks and body.


when the person is in love they not always think about the bodies and love-making. They also want to be with you talk all the time and look into your eyes. But when its lust the person always try to meet you only to satisfy himself. They always think about love-making even when you are not in mood or you are not well. They want what they want.

You’re interested in having love-making, but not in having conversations.


Usually when someone loves you before getting intimate you both had a very romantic conversations that melt you down. This is what true love is they want to talk with you more than doing anything else. They always look at you and without your permission they never move on. While in lust, conversations means nothing they only want to do what they want and if you try to talk they shut your mouth.

Deeper and closer words are enough to say the difference


In love you just intimate to show your love and enjoy your love. this will make you more closer to each other. But in lust they always want to go deeper whether it hurts you or you don’t like it. Love can understand your emotions and your desires and on the other hand lust only wants to fulfil l their desires.

Pigs or humans who are you?


When you are in love you Feel connected getting closer to each other. This gives you a very positive vibe and make you feel happy with your partner. The one who love you will always behave with you like a queen but the luster behave like pigs that they only want what they want and get indulge init completely.



Satisfaction is not about only one it includes both men and women. but when you are in lust you only care about your satisfaction even if the other one started feeling uncomfortable with you. Then also you continue to satisfy yourself.

As i told before words doesn’t matter at all in lust


what you told to your partner they don’t even remember coz they have only interest in love-making not in your love emotions.

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