This AI is So Good at Writing That Its Creators Won’t Release It

Artificial Intelligence

Open AI, the non-profit AI research company, has developed a new text generator which is practically perfect. Yet, it is not being made accessible to the masses.

The new natural language model, GPT-2, has been developed to predict the next word in a piece of 40 gigabytes of internal text.

artificial intelligence

The outcome of this training was a system able to generate text that complies to the style and content of the conditioning text.

This essentially means text that is so sensible and convincing that it is spooky.

As per TechCrunch, the analysts believe the near proper system is ready to potential abuse through bots which will come capable of better dialogue and speech recognition, occurring in abusive or spam comments on social media.

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Owing to the susceptibility of the system to potential harm, OpenAI is releasing only a narrower version of the language tool.

The company will revisit the opinion of releasing the tool in detailed in six months. Till then OpenAI has called on governments to bring about protocols for the diffusion of AI technologies.