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Things You Need To Know When Visiting Singapore For The First Time

With a mix of several different cultures and international influences, Singapore stands out to be different from any other travel destination around the world. Despite the glitzy architectural charm like Vegas, green transport like the Colombian cities, Singapore turns out to be completely unique.

This place has a special reputation for social conduct and reputation. Thus, some insider knowledge is necessary before you set off for explorations here. This little guide focuses on letting you know the best things about Singapore and the most important rules, regulations, and facts that would make your trip easier. 

Singapore may seem to be faintly familiar to first-timers, making it a slightly strange experience. But that’s the interesting part. You get to explore how this place is an odd yet fascinating combination of different cultures from around the world; keeping up its quirks, unique laws, and customs. Read further to prepare yourself for the unmissable experiences and to know how you can make your explorations just as easy as your travel plans.  

Things To Know Before Your Visit To Singapore 

1. Singapore Is Warm And Humid  

Singapore Attractions
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It is well known to most people that Singapore remains warm throughout the year. What the high humidity levels are actually the reason you may feel slightly uncomfortable. It sometimes feels like being in a Sauna 24/7.

This should indicate several important things for travelers. It’s crucial to stay hydrated as you explore. You might be sweaty all the time so consider carrying a towel or napkin to help yourself. Also, consider carrying an extra pair of clothes and other essentials in your day pack. 

2. Choose Trains Over Taxis Or Simply Walk

Singapore travel guide
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Taxi drivers in Southeast Asia have a quite negative image due to inflated fares for tourists. Although taxis in Singapore are lawfully regulated and metered, they can be increasingly expensive. That’s the reason why even locals avoid them. Getting across Singapore isn’t a big deal, considering the small size of the city.

Most of the major landmarks are connected through comprehensive networks of trains. These trains can take you from the suburban areas of Singapore to the heart of the city within 30 minutes. Certainly, trains are more preferable over expensive taxis.  

You don’t always need a vehicle to explore a place. And Singapore is one of the most walkable places you would ever visit. You can simply walk around and live up to the best experiences. Walking around and soaking in the vibes of this city would be a lot more fun. Consider strolling in areas like Little India, Jalan Besar, and Haji Lane. 

3. Most People Here Speak English  

Flea markets in Singapore
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Being stereotyped by tourists is one of the biggest pet peeves of Singaporeans. However, assuming that a local here doesn’t know English is the last thing you want to do. Despite their cultural makeover, Singaporeans are well educated with English and a mother tongue which can be Mandarin, Malay, or Tamil. However, trying to improve your Singlish skills before coming here will help you make things even better. We have some facts you may want to know. 

  • Most Singaporeans speak English faster than Europeans or Americans. Even the ones who are less fluent, keep up with the pronunciations. 
  • Singlish has several onomatopoeic words that you need to be mindful of. “Lah” and “Loh” are the most uncommon ones. 

4. You Can Find Wi-Fi Hotspots Almost Anywhere In Singapore 

Free wifi hotspot in Singapore
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We understand it can be scary exploring a place without the Internet. Well, the good news while exploring Singapore is that you can find plenty of Wi-Fi hotspots absolutely free. Most restaurants, cafes, public spaces, shopping malls, and libraries offer a wireless, free internet connection for everyone including tourists. You will only be required to share your mobile number, receive an OTP, and get started. 

5. Tipping Isn’t Mandatory In Singapore 

tipping in Singapore restaurants
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While you will be mostly eating at restaurants in Singapore, you should know some important things. Most cafes and restaurants charge a 10 percent service fee along with the general taxes. At such places, tipping is considered unnecessary. However, you won’t have to pay any extra service charge at less formal food courts, local eateries, or hawker centers, and other fast food outlets.

Moreover, most Singaporeans find it odd to be tipping at such places. If you follow the suit you wouldn’t be frowned at or stared at. Still, there’s nothing wrong with tipping if you are generous enough. 

6. Always Hungry? Visit Singapore! 

Singapore street food
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Singaporeans are popularly passionate about amazing food. Trying some exotic food options is always one of the best things to do in Singapore. Therefore, you will easily find numerous places around here that serve you the best food all day and all night.

Being the city that never sleeps, Singapore gives you plenty of options to meet your midnight cravings. You can savor a wide range of exotic recipes like chili crab, hearty Indian curry, or a comforting dim sum. 

7. Make Sure You Smoke Only In Designated Areas 

Singapore smoking regulations
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Although smoking isn’t illegal in Singapore, there are strict regulations that need to be followed. For example, smoking is restricted indoors, under sheltered walkways, or at public bus stops.

Most areas have designated smoking points, you can find one of them with a little search. If you are caught smoking anywhere other than designated areas or at restricted places, you can be fined up to $1000 when convicted in court. 

8. No Alcohol Or Drinking In Public After 10.30 PM 

alcohol restrictions Singapore
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It’s normal to fantasize about enjoying the spectacular views of Singapore’s skyline at night with a beer in hand. However, you better look for a licensed bar or you will be fined. Since the Race Course Road riot in 2013, the consumption and purchase of alcohol in public after 10.30 pm has been banned by the local authorities However, it isn’t as bad as it looks there are still several popular rooftop bars in Singapore where you can enjoy a tipple or two. 

Read our blog to know more about Nightlife In Singapore.  

9. Try And Hit One Of The Boutique Gyms Here 

boutique gyms Singapore
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The emerging craze for fitness in Singapore has led to the opening of various boutique gyms across the city. They offer activities like Yoga, Boxing, Muay Thai, Pilates, and indoor cycling. There are even apps like Broc and Bells and GuavaPass that let you explore these boutique gyms and meet like-minded people. You will surely enjoy working out on a holiday this way. 

We hope you get a basic idea about what it’s like exploring Singapore or visiting here for the first time. Keep your plans sorted. Keep Traveling! 

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