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Things To Know About Arogya Vanam: A Blessing From Ayurveda

India gets a huge blessing from Ayurveda. A large garden is inaugurated today by President Of India, Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India’s First Lady Savita Kovind also made her presence in the inauguration of Arogya Vanam.

What Is Arogya Vanam?arogya vanam

The two words itself defines what is Arogya Vanam. As in Sanskrit Arogya means ‘overall well-being’ and Vanam means forest. It is a large area spread over 6.6 acres dedicated for all the medicinal and herbal plants used in India since ages.

Popular among these are Neem, Sehjan, Arjun, Aloe vera, lemongrass, tulsi, Ashwagandha which are widely used in India as a medicinal plant.  Arogya Vanam also has some rare herbs and plants which have been in use since ancient times.

Total, there are 200 such plants in the garden.  Apart from these plants, the garden also has a pond, water channels and a special area dedicated for yoga known as Yog Manch. It has several viewpoints as well from where one can see the beauty of this area and the water fountains enhanced its beauty.

Arogya Vanam is constructed in a human figure doing yoga and has 3 flower beds in peacock’s feather shape.

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Where Is Arogya Vanam Located?

arogya vanam

It is located inside the President house i.e. Rahstrapati Bhawan. The garden will be open for visitors who can enter the Arogya vanam from Gate No. 37.

President Kovind decided to recreate Gujarat’s Arogya Vanam in Delhi during his visit to Statue of Unity. Its aim is to spread awareness about Ayurveda and medicinal flora of India among local and foreign visitors.


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