Things Parents Should Never Say Or Do!

Being a parent is tough, it’s hard and frustrating. Every parent wants to raise their child into a good human being with high moral values and want their child to be successful in all aspects of life.

But sometimes even when parents try too hard to raise their kids with all the love and care, there are moments when even they can make mistakes! (They too are humans!)

Here are things that parents should never say or do to their kids:

1. Don’t Over shower your kid with love!

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Every parent should love their kid but too much love can be toxic! Parents nowadays usually fulfil all the demands of their kids no matter how absurd they are. All they need to do is cry a little or throw a tantrum and that expensive thing is theirs. This can make the kid very happy at that moment but in the long run, they will grow into adults who would be unhappy about the things they want but can never have!

2. Don’t always take their side!

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Taking your kids side is okay sometimes but never take their side when they are being disrespectful towards someone older than them.

When you take your kids’ side giving the excuse that they are young, the kids develop a wrong attitude towards people who are elder to them and think it’s okay to disrespect them if they don’t share the same point of view.

3. Don’t compare them to other kids!


One thing all the parents are accused of doing one time or the other is comparing their kids to others. Parents often compare their kids’ grades or talent with someone else which has a very negative impact on the kid. The kid starts developing negative emotions like jealousy and can even dislike his/her parents for doing so in the long run!

4. Don’t Show their embarrassing photos to others or post them online!

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In the world of social-media parents everywhere are posting pictures for their kids online and not all of them are appropriate! On top of that, parents often show the baby pictures of their elder kids to their close guests which often embarrasses their elder kids. This leads to low confidence issues during adulthood.

5. Never name-call your kids!

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There are moments during Parenthood when you get so angry and frustrated all you feel like is calling bad names to your child! But take a breather and think before speaking anything else! When you name-call your child they are going to remember it and even internalize it and will eventually believe that they are that person. So, think a little before you speak!

6. Don’t speak badly about other people in front of them!

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No matter how hard your day was, don’t bring your problems with you in your home, especially when you are spending time with your kid. Don’t talk badly about someone in front of your kid or use explicit language. Your kids will learn to imitate you and will think it’s a normalized behaviour when someone is angry. Set a good example for them and Talk kindly instead.

Being a good parent is a big responsibility and I hope you set a great example for your kids!

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