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Things Every 90s Indian Kid Will Relate To!

If you are a 90s kid, you know how awesome your childhood was compared to kids nowadays.

And why wouldn’t it be? We played games outside instead of the online ones, watched Shaktiman and the original cartoon Network, bought so many toffees in just 2 rs and could take pictures without all those Snapchat filters. Such peaceful days right?

Let’s take a drive down our memory lane and relive our childhood.

Here are things every 90s Indian Kid will Relate to!

Boomer and other chewing gums were bought for free tattoos!

 free tattoos!
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Back when we were kids, the only tattoos that were cool are the ones that came free with the fusen chewing gum and Boomer. We used to buy these gums, have the biggest bubble competitions and flaunted out cool tattoos!

The magic pencil was real!

magic pencil
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The one show that every 90s kid waited for eagerly was “Shaka Laka boom boom” and Sanju’s magic pencil was a big hit. Oh! How we wished it was real! We all had a copy of that pencil and even leaned sketching to make our drawings come alive. So much for innocence!

Cartoon Network had good cartoons!

Cartoon Network
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Remember how mad we all were when cartoon Network changed its logo and it was never the same again! The old Cartoon Network has an amazing collection of shows like Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo and Courage the cowardly dog which is now replaced by some trashy cartoons. What are the kids nowadays even watching?

Having a landline was a big thing!

Via: The Telegraph

When mobile phones weren’t that popular, landlines were a big thing. Do you still remember how excited we all waited to pick up the call just as soon as it rang, even though it didn’t have caller I.D. We even played with the coiled wire while talking on the phone and dialled the numbers one by one for enjoyment? What a satisfying experience right?

We played real games like “Chidiya Udd”, “Gulli-Danda”, Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi”

"Chidiya Udd", "Gulli-Danda", Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi"
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We all used to spend most of our time together playing outdoor games or chit games instead of staring at our phone screens and I think that is beautiful. Playing these games still makes us nostalgic.

We got high on the sweet smell of coloured erasers!

coloured erasers
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We kids loved collecting those fancy erasers with different shapes and colours. We all used to flaunt ours before they magically disappeared from our pockets. The sweet smell of those really gave us the ‘high’!

We wrote letters instead of texts and Emails!

Via: Verywell Family

Getting a handwritten letter is rare nowadays but we 90s kids remember how happy we felt writing letters to our friends and loved ones and how excited we were to receive them back! Nothing can beat that happiness not even all the fancy emojis combined in a text.

Using chalk as the shoe polish was our thing!

Using chalk as the shoe polish
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One of the fondest memories of our school days was that all 90s kids have hacks for every problem. Remember using chalk as a shoe polish on your white shoes to avoid punishment? If you don’t you have missed out on a lot of fun!

Do you remember doing all these things in your childhood days?

I’m sure nostalgia hit you hard!

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