These women broke the barriers of gender: Proud ‘firsts’ for women


In the recent years, women have shattered gender roles and are venturing out in full throttle! Let’s acknowledge the immense contribution these 12 women have made in their respective fields….

First female head of a sports federation

Via: Etemaad Urdu Daily

Saudi Arabia, who was terribly behind in recognizing the rights of women, until recently! Princess Reema bint Bandar bin Sultan became the first women to head a sports federation.

First female dhol drummer 

Via: ScoopWhoop

Parv Kaur became the first female dhol drummer in the UK. Parv stormed into this male-dominated profession and is dancing to her beat!

First Indian female in WWE


Kavita Devi bagged gold for India during the 2016 South Asian Games. She made history becoming the first Indian woman to bag a contract with WWE!

First female world championship biker

via: Rolling Stone

Ana Carrasco became the first woman to win a world championship bike race. The 20-year-old Spaniard beat world renowned bikers to claim her title!

First Female captain in Indian Merchant navy

via: Business Line

Radhika is the first Indian woman to become the captain of the Indian Merchant Navy. She is also the first woman ever to receive the Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea after she saved the lives of seven fishermen.

First female BSF combat officer

via: DNA India

Tanushree Pareek recently made history after she was inducted into the Border Security Force (BSF). She is now the first women field officer to join BSF and be posted in the field.

First Female Locomotive Driver in Asia


Mumtaz M. Kazi pierces through this male-dominated profession to become the first woman in Asia to drive a diesel engine train. She has been driving different types of trains since she was 20 and has received the Naari Shakti Puraskar by President Pranab Mukherjee.

First female bus driver in the capital

via: The Telegraph

Despite these being a quota for female bus drivers, no women ever ventured out in this profession. And 33-year-old Vankadarath Saritha became the first ever woman to drive a bus in India’s capital!

First female commercial pilot of Dubai


Sheikha Mazoh, a member of the ruling family in Dubai, earned her wings in April last year. She became the first-ever female commercial pilot in Dubai!

First Female warden of men’s prison


Mangla is the first woman to be put in charge of an entire men’s prison, in India. She’s been appointed as the superintendent and monitors over 800 male inmates on a daily basis.

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