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These Quirky And Hilarious Shayaries Written Behind Trucks Will Make You Go Lol!

All of us must have traveled on the highway at some time. High-speed vehicles, greenery, and roadside dhabas always excite us. However, the most fun part of this journey is reading the ‘Truck Shayaris,’ the shayaris written behind the trucks that keep us entertained during the long journey. 

India is a nation where you can surely find Humor on every other street. Be it traffic signals, local shops, or highways; you may get your dose of Humor by just reading quirky truck slogans on the back of trucks.

You may have observed, all trucks in India have some quotes painted behind them. Out of all the trucks in our India, 80 percent (according to me) have the most written two liners are; “Horn Please,” Mera Bharat Mahaan,” Hum Do Hamare Do,” OK TATA,” “Use Dipper at Night” and so on. 

Truck drivers write witty things behind their trucks. Some are quirky, some weird, some literal quotes, some funny, some emotional. However, many of them also have very creative ones. These drivers write these quotations either for fun or to look unique on roads.

Have a look at some of the epic slogans behind trucks that will Crack You up:

  1. Face black or Lip Black Bro?

Truck Shayari

We used to say ‘Buri nazar wale tea mu Kaala’ but this truck driver took this to mew level by writing ‘Buri nazar wale tera hooth kaala’. This is just hilarious!

2. No doubt , this truck drivers has a strong message!

Truck Shayari

What happens when you are just travelling with bad mood, and suddenly you see this message writer behind truck, I bet you will laugh a bit. Well, in my opinion this driver have such experience that he suggests everyone to stay single to live a stress-free life.

3. This truck got swag!

Truck Shayari

This man took ‘Seedhi baat no bakwaas‘ very seriously.  And in my opinion, there is nothing wrong in this. I would suggest better wait than crossing this savage driver’s truck.

4. Warning: Congress supporters may skip this post!

Truck Shayari

5. Like Father, Like Son

Truck Shayari

That made me go aww!

6. Zara kam pee meri rani, bahut mehenga hai ishaq ka paani”

Truck Shayari

This happens when you on repeat listen to Altaf Raja and Pankaj Udas , either you become a sadist or become an alcoholic. This quote comes from a sadist driver who seems to stand against alcohol as its costly.

7. Do You Remember ‘Patthar Ke Sanam’?

Truck Shayari

What first hits on your mind after reading ‘Sabzi Ke Sanam‘? Patthar Ke Sanam, right? Haha, may be the truck driver is so in love with vegetables!

8. What a Rhyme!

Truck Shayari

‘This Neem tree is not less than Chandan, our Lucknow is not less than London’, the truck driver must be a person who is proud of being a Lucknowi.
So, these were some of the most interesting truck shayaris ever seen! There have been hundreds more actually, however these were the ones that i remembered.
If you’ve seen more quirky Shayaris than this then share with us today!
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