Kristen Stewart make out with her GF Stella Maxwell publicly


These days stars never afraid of showing  their love for their partner in public. Recently, Kristen Stewart and her love interest stella made out in public in front of their friends.  The “twilight” fame star has been dating stella for a while and actually it was a very shocking news for the fans.

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No one imagined that Kristina is a lesbian  after she broke up with her “Twilight” co-star and her ex bae Robert pattinson. Coming back to the kristina and Stella romance then they were seen wandering in New York city with her friends.

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The couple seems to be lots in each other as their hands were all over on each other and yes that hot make out session was quite epic. No one imagined that they were going to see such things in the public.

Both were looking adorable

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It is true that both the ladies are extremely beautiful and look adorable with each other. They both even wore matching leather jackets and Stella’s bra was sneaking from her jacket. Recently, kristina revealed that she is going to have a directional debut.

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She even walked on the red carpet however wasn’t wearing any dress there. She appeared in a leather jacket with a baseball cap on her head. There the couple kissed each other however Kristina wore a t-shirt underneath her jacket.

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We have seen couples wearing matching clothes whenever they are together and kristina and Stella are no less than that. Both of them are dating each other since the last year and it seems to be a long relationship.

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If we take a look at her previous relationship with Robert pattinson then it wasn’t a good one.  Besides this,  they broke up badly when Robert came to know that the actress was cheating on her with her director.

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Stella was rumoured dating Miley cyrus but soon it came to an end when the singer reunited with her long time love interest Liam hemsworth. Same is the case with Kristina where she was dating singer St. Vincent but they two also broke up and now Stella is her new bae.

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Although fans like Kristina to date a man but she had a very bad dating history with men. Also, she is looking comfortable in dating Stella. We just hope that the relationship works and will not end up like her previous ones.


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